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Saturday, August 9, 2008


On our way to the lake today Jeff dropped me off at Walmart while he got gas in the car. On my way to the wipes aisle I ran across some plain Garanimals t-shirts (toddler - to size 5T). Definitely navy, red, white & I think gray. I didn't have much time to dig as my cell phone was ringing (Jeff), so I'll have to go back and check it out further, including girls and youth . I was a big fan of Garanimals this summer! Of course the cute fat gingham shorts that were all the rage, and their t-shirts (short sleeve at least) were very soft & thick!! Garrison has several! I try to avoid Target b/c I spend way too much money in there (see 'spend to save' post), but usually check to see if they have their new Fall duds out yet. Although they do have a tendency to put a pocket on their boy toddler T-s!? Turtlenecks are also great to monogram & applique if it ever gets cool enough. Anyway I was anxious to report my findings at Walmart, as I'm sure they will fly off the shelves like crazy!! Haven't seen anything at Target yet, but I heard some shelves were cleared out so maybe they're getting ready.

We spent the day at Lake Martin. Got there, ate lunch and everyone but Browder took a big fat lake nap!! We rode the boat a little and had a pretty smooth tube ride to chim-men-y rock (B puts an extra syllable in there). Ate supper and got home not too long ago. The weather was lovely today!!

I'm in TV trouble... I am not much of an Olympics person. I don't have an athletic bone in my body unless riding the tube behind the boat counts. I did hear on the news where American Idol was getting ready for their next season (YEAH). Better get to bed!

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