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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've sent an e-mail so HOPEFULLY they will let me back on. So far I have heard nothing!! I'm going into withdrawals....

....I'M BACK!! They let me back on w/ some blah blah apology e-mail. We just got back from ATL and I did a happy dance when I realized I was back on. I'm still curious as to what it said while I was gone - was there a big X on my face? I have all of my friends & flair & everything looks the same. I will certainly be very cautious from now on. Of course now I have this McAfee virus software on my computer and it is now as slow as Hurricane Fay.

On the way home Jeff & I passed a truck. This truck had pictures of all sorts of yummy snacks of the olden days. Snacks that my kids haven't been blessed with... yet! Remember twinkies, ho hos, ding dongs, zingers (was that the name?). I know they still sell them, but for some reason I don't buy them?? My friend Amie brought over a box of those oatmeal cakes the other day - the big soft oatmeal-like cookies with the cream in the middle (I can't think of their proper name?). We made a big fuss over them, telling the kids to eat all of their lunch b/c we had a surprise dessert. Our kids SNUBBED the oatmeal cakes. They were not impressed. Even Browder, who thinks that dessert is a requirement after every single meal. He eats an eggo frozen waffle dipped in sticky syrup with a side of fruit loops for b'fast and usually want "dessert" afterwards. Now I am craving these snacks! Not so much twinkies, but the chocolate ding dongs or zingers (basically twinkie w/ icing on top). They are probably grosser (msp?) than I remember them, but they looked sooooo goooood on that truck! We think a double stuff Oreo is a treat - my kids will go nuts over these cakes (as long as no oatmeal is involved).

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