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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


What did we do before "puters" as Browder calls them? I don't know how I keep up with everything - blogging, other people's blogs, facebook, e-mail (oh yeah and my kids).... and yesterday I found! Since we Gulledges aren't Ipod savvy this is my version of an Ipod. Is that even how you spell Ipod, ipod....?? Jeff has a blackberry w/ music on it and recently bought a cooler that hooks up to his phone and plays music. This is the extent of our (HIS) high tech music. I spent most of yesterday trying to search for songs on playlist. Some weren't really appropriate for my blog (J Lo - Jenny on the Block was one) so I made 2 playlists and had the boys dancing yesterday. It was a boring rainy day! Still need to find a few more songs for the blog. THEN, last night someone tipped me off to a program for my monogramming that will allow me to MERGE!! I can now use any font and merge applique designs with names & initials instead of doing them in 2+ steps. I am SO EXCITED!! I was getting ready to buy some really expensive software and this program A) had a free 30 day trial and B) is about 1/8th of the price when I do buy it!! THANK YOU to my fellow blogger who led me to this program (Sew What Pro).

Today we went to the Children's Museum and then to Burger King for lunch. Great outing since yesterday no one bathed and Browder stayed in his boxers all day. Tomorrow we may venture to Pump It Up if I can get everyone up and ready in time. Next week the youngest 2 start school and B starts after Labor Day. YEAH!! Love my kids but it'll be nice to get a little break!

I mentioned previously that I am not an Olympics person. Evidently Browder is! He LOVES it, which is cute. But, it has been a bit difficult explaining to him why it isn't on all day long and why diving isn't on all the time (his favorite). I made a note to self: globe for Christmas!! I tried to explain China and where it was and daytime/nighttime and who was from China and it just got too confusing.

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