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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Browder's "deep thought" on rain

Today, out of the blue, Browder turns to me and says that God has showers on the edge of all the clouds and when he turns them on, it rains. I had never heard that before!! HA. Little M & G started school today. They both did fine and I got some errands out of the way. Browder was a trooper! At one point he SWORE his legs could not walk anymore!! Of course I reminded him that if he couldn't walk anymore, he certainly couldn't ride his bike today. He then said "NO mom, I MEAN they can't do "THIS!!!" anymore and demonstrated the walking motion!! We went to Target and zipped thru the "cars" aisle just so he could look. I was looking at the Matchbox cars and they had a limousine hearse?!? Why on earth would any child need, or want, a toy that carries caskets???? I stayed up til midnight last night ironing and entering in clothes for the consignment sale. Hopefully I will make a little cash! STILL paying for pictures and haven't even thought about framing any! The sewing is piling up and I need to get to work! We're SUPPOSED to go to the beach tomorrow for a couple of days, but am "weather-watching" ole Fay to see what she's going to do. As much as I'd love to drive to the beach to enjoy the rain, I have way to much monogramming to do here. We'll see! You never know what she might do!! We cooked the cheeseburger helper last night and both boys made happy plates. They love the stuff!! For dessert we had some yummy cinnamon rolls warmed just enough in the toaster oven (thanks mallie!) Looks like I have a bedfellow tonight - B is waiting for me! Still haven't tossed the old towels. I just put the white ones in the dryer. It takes me a while to do a load of laundry...

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Anonymous said...

I always laugh out loud reading you post. I meant to ask you...Where do you order your spray stabilizer stuff from? I guess I'll have to get some of that.