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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Duck poo

Regarding my earlier post, I have the white towels from the boys b/room in the wash YEAH! We had a full day today which started w/baths for all. So everyone is clean! What to do (in some air conditioning)? I decided to take them to McD's - a new one near Wynlakes that is very clean & 2 yr old friendly. The one at Burger King is harder to climb in. We ate lunch and I let them run & climb & slide while I fed Mallory. We ran a few errands, got momma a SB and headed home so I could "work" while they napped. After nap & snack I got a very wild hair and decided to take them to feed some ducks. We loaded up the bread & tortillas and headed to the Museum. I prefer feeding the little ducks, but the big geese kind of took over. I was feeling pretty good about myself and our outing... until we got back to the car and realized there was green duck poop all over the bottom of B's shoes and all over the wheels of the stroller. I tried to wipe it off and ended up w/ duck poo all in the back of my car. What a mess! We left and rode over to the Shakespeare building and the boys played in the fountain (and B got all the poo off his shoes) and we ran around the little ampitheater and I took pictures.

It was too late to come home and cook cheeseburger helper (which I am only allowed to cook when Jeff is not here), so we went to Salsarita's for some din din. I thought I had 7 stamps to get a free combo, but Poncho would not accept 1 card w/ 2 stamps and 1 card w/ 5 stamps. They have to be on one card nananananaaaaa! I should have told him to keep his cheese quesadilla and left. It's not like they can afford to make too many customers mad since there was 1 other table in the whole restaurant. I accepted another stamp on my 5 card and we ate our dinner w/out a fuss.

Now I'm going to work on my pile of consignment stuff. I love the new computer entry for the Children's Clothing Exchange ( It's kinda fun!!

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