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Monday, September 15, 2008

Costco or Cosco?

I can never remember how you spell Cos(t?)co?? Anyway I found some cute Carter's jackets tonight for B & G - fleece reversible. They have a few color combos, but I got brown & (pumpkin-ish) orange!! Sizes 2T up and they have a few girl styles too - $16.99! We took the family there to eat supper. No, not samples, but their deli. Where else can you feed a family of 4 (eaters) for $6.03? Plus a couple more bucks for a churro (msp?) and some ice cream! Browder had his first soccer game of the season (well he missed the first FIRST game Sat). This is his 5th or 6th season and he has scored 1 whole goal throughout his career! G wore Browder's very first soccer jersey tonight! He'll be playing before long. And the pic of M is after her nap - bad hair day!!
Ever have one of those days when you just don't get around to showering?? Jeff specifically asked me last night if 7:22 was right for my alarm (our clock is 7 min fast for some reason - has been for years). It turns out, you have to turn the alarm ON for it to work. I didn't have time to take a shower this morning and never got around to it all day!! Now it's 9:05 and I'm still sewing...

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Amanda said...

Hey - about your comment on my blog, our Baby G is for Grant, but his first name is Harrison, so that's sort of similar to your G! FYI, I LOVE eating at Costco too. If it's just me and my 2-yr-old, we split the hot dog and drink, and I'll usally bring Goldfish or something. $1.50 for a whole meal - nice. I'll need to check out their Carter's jackets!