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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spa Trip

We're back from B'ham and are still recovering.... The spa we went to was I hope to post some photos, but we started out putting on our wraps & robes & rubber flip flops. While sipping sparkling wine we all had our piggies done, and were then served a yummy greek grilled chicken salad for lunch. I had a facial (my first) - it was soooo relaxing and fabulous! I've never claimed to be a big spa person. Probably because I'm so cheap. I get my toes done maybe once a year (at one of the 800 nail salons in the 1/2 mile radius of my house) and that's about it. This was so much fun and might become a spring & fall necessity. We were there about 3 hours, then shopped for an hour or so at The Summit. Grabbed a 2nd Starbucks and checked in to the hotel (Homewood Suites). They were the cutest little rooms I've ever seen - a tiny kitchen, sitting area and our bedroom was separate. It was like a miniature apartment!! The guys finally surfaced from the golf course and we all got ready for dinner at Flemings (Y-U-M) at The Summit. The food was delicious ... we were having such a good time and FIVE HOURS later we paid our big fat bill and headed to the hotel. Luckily we got an airport shuttle van to cart us around. We got to Flemings at about 6:45 and our check time stamp was 11:18!! I think we decided that what happened at Flemings stays at Flemings... We got home today around lunchtime, got the kids back and all took a big fat nap!

I went to Hobby Lobby & Hancocks this afternoon and got more fabric (make me STOP!!) and a big button kit - not sure what I'm going to do w/ it but I see all the cute monogrammed paci clips & buttons for hair bows & such so I thought I'd try it out. It was all of 3 bucks I think. I found the cutest mom & daughter toile fabric in pink & blue (see pic). I think I'm addicted to fabric!

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Amanda said...

I happened upon your blog and I LOVE it!! You have adorable designs! I have an embroidery machine too, and I have a few of the same designs as you. Where did you get your turkey? We live in B'ham, and I agree w/ you that Flemings is YUM!