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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Need a bib?

Did you say you needed to buy a bib?

And to think I charge like $12-15 for a bib! I actually have (non-linen) bibs EXACTLY like this I got at Hobby Lobby!!

They also have some nice bath towels for the low low price of $170 EACH!! Surely they dry you off, hang themselves up, wash & dry themselves when they are dirty, fold themselves and hop up into the linen closet after that?

Seriously this site has some beautiful monogram fonts! I like the Blaise (bath) and Trey (table linens) designs!! I could do something similar to these easily. OMG I just saw the price of the Blaise wash cloth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 75 big ones!!

(thank you Lisa for this blog material!!)

As you can see above I'm sampling/testing for my new favorite embroidery website - I've just done some great ornaments which will be posted once Rachel can get the pics on her site. There are lots of options with the ornaments too - put a few together, add ribbon, add a monogram. Fun Fun!! I'm loving hot pink & lime and red & lime for Christmas. These new designs are so cute!! I've had several snowman requests and santa faces and will hopefully find those soon. I did get a cute stick people nativity scene today and will post a pic once I sew it out.

I'm on the hunt for some good blank bibs! I ordered some from a website last night so I'm anxious to see if they are any good. Mallory goes through about 17 a day. I'm even using Browder & Garrison's old bibs for her. I like the Rabbit Skins bibs but am looking for some more options!

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