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Monday, September 15, 2008

New Section of Blog

I added a new web list to the blog down below. I have a lot of fellow monogrammers/applique-ers/ embroider-ers (is that a word?) who come across my blog and have been getting lots of e-mails asking where I got some of my designs, so I decided to add this info to the blog and will add to it as I happen upon new sites! I'm not a digitizer - I buy all of my designs online and I just do the sewing part. Embroidery Boutique is my new favorite (keep the new designs coming Rachel!!). Love the new turkey!! I like the football too but I already have a football... do I need 2 footballs?

I'm on a waiting list to get a new blog design ( I've been playing around w/ my color scheme lately and then someone told me there are people out there who design blogs!! I had no idea.


MaryMartha said...

Hey Rosemary!
I'm whittington's sister. I love your site and really need to order some stuff soon. I'm still trying to decide what I want for fall :) I'm having trouble finding plain white girl shirts for you to monogram!
One of my friends does blog design. She's a stay at home mom and does GREAT work. She's really fast and super easy to work with. You might try her! Here is her design site. She did my blog design too!
I promise I'll get my order together soon!
Mary Martha

Amanda said...

Hey - you are my hero for listing all those applique sites...I've done so many google searches but had never seen about 1/2 of them! Btw, thanks for leaving me a comment about where you got the turkey. And i just noticed that Mary Martha posted a comment on your blog...I know Mary Martha too! We were involved in the same college ministry...small world!