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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crazy week!

It has been a doozy of a week and it's only Wednesday! Where to begin?

What do you do when a babysitter rips you off? I was a bit too eager to find a sitter for Sat. night so I could go to Supper Club, and found one that I thought would be great! I told her she'd be babysitting one of mine and one who belonged to a friend (that = 2 kids). She showed up at 6:00 (early) and quickly took to little M, which I was going to take with me. I asked her how much she charged and she asked how many kids, to which I said 3 if I left Mallory. She said $12! I guess I should have had a signed contract ready!! I was thinking - great - $8 for me and $4 for my friend! We leave, go to Supper Club, watch the AU game and eat some good apps. Friend leaves a little earlier than me to pick up her child. This is where I am STILL confused! Babysitter tells friend that now (3 or so hours later), it's $10 for HER CHILD and $12 for MY TWO!?!?!? PER HOUR!!!!!!!!!! Friends, that is $22/hour! So friend empties her poor wallet and gives her a $20 and calls me. I told her no worries... it was probably a misunderstanding. I go home at exactly 4 hrs from when she got there and ask her how much I owe her. She tells me $48. OK, she has already collected $20. So that is $68 for 3 hours w/ 1 kid, 4 hours w/ another and about 45 minutes w/ Mallory b/c she went to bed at 7:15. What do you do in this situation? I was so stunned that I didn't know what to say and paid her and deleted her from my cell phone before the door hit her fanny. I know I should have argued with her, refused to pay her, etc. I have gone over it in my head 98 times. I've thought about calling her, but figure that might end up ugly so I'm trying to just suck it up and forget about it. I have smoke coming out of my ears just thinking about it right now. That is $17/hr and actually less than she TRIED to scam out of us! I may call her eventually - maybe act like I want her to babysit again and THEN maybe I could get her to explain her sudden hike in price. Were the kids THAT bad? At what point in the evening did she say to herself "I'm going to take them for all they are worth?" I'm still baffled!

Moving on... we spent Sun-Mon at the lake, to which I am still recovering. That darn tube got me again (water was rough), OH, and Jeff threw us off the waverunner. The side of my leg hit the rim of the waverunner and Jeff then slammed into me. It was not a pretty sight! No bruise yet and I can walk, miraculously.

Yesterday I spent what felt like the entire day preparing for the Childrens Clothing Exchange ( I had a preschool meeting at 6:00 and was at Target at 8:30, then up til 2:00 monogramming. Yes 2:00 monogramming!! I felt so overwhelmed yesterday that I needed to pull a late-nighter to somewhat catch up. Today Browder starts K5!! YEAH!! The teacher mentioned something about crying in my car as I left my little Tot on his first day of Pre-K. What?? I'm thinking it'll be more like "GET OUT OF MY CAR!!! see you at 1 dear!" Today Jeff is meeting me to DROP OFF my CCE and help me unload, more monogramming and church tonight.

I got up at 6:20 so 4 hours of sleep is all I got. I'm thinking a Starbucks?

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Anonymous said...

I see myself in some of posts...your too funny.
Have a great day. Heather