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Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

I had a great birthday today! I sure don't feel 26!? Mallory & I ran errands all morning and met Amie & Karen for lunch at Panera. Then Gigi got ALL OF THE KIDS for the afternoon! (YEAH) I got my SB with one of my 4 birthday gift cards (again, YEAH) and headed home. I crammed in as much monogramming as I could this afternoon until we had to meet up for B's soccer game. We had dinner at Tipico - sombrero and "Happy Birthday" in spanish. Luckily Jeff did not have his phone w/ him to take a picture. Came home to baths and a little more sewing and I'm hopefully headed to bed here shortly. I was up til midnight working last night. While the US economy is in terrible shape, our kids have to dress cute and business is good! I think at last count I had 28 t-shirts, 4 bibs, a burp cloth and a romper to do. I told a friend last night, this is how people have nervous breakdowns. I can't stand to have work piled up and to not be fast, but I'm just doing the best I can this week and will hopefully see the light at the end of the pile of thread.

We had a busy weekend! Dinner at Wynlakes Fri night celebrating all the Sept. b-days, plus B had 2 birthday parties this weekend, we all went to a "day of football" Sat. and we had the singles from our church over last night for dinner. I'm doing the Sturbridge yard sale Sat. morning so at some point this week I also have to get all of my junk out, price it and throw it in the garage. As of today I haven't gotten out a thing! I'm thinking starting Wed. I'll go ahead and set up some tables and just pull stuff out, price it and take it straight to the tables. I have some other friends bringing stuff too so it should be interesting. I always love a good yard sale! I'm always amazed at who shows up at the door on Friday, and at what time you see headlights on Sat. morning.

My tired self is headed to bed. Now that I'm 26 I definitely need more beauty sleep....

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