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Saturday, September 20, 2008


I was watching Today a week or so ago and heard Matt intro a segment on migraines and how horrible they were. I thought to myself... I've never had one thank goodness! Well, I think I may have had one yesterday!? I'm still not sure!? I ran errands all morning while the kids were at school, ate lunch at like 1:30 and had a little headache so I laid down w/ G around 2 and woke up at 5:30!! Still had the headache and realized the ibuprofen I got out to take before nap was still on the desk by the computer! I managed to fix G a snack and feed M half a bottle before I thought death was upon me!! I called Jeff to come home (he had Browder) and let M finish feeding herself in the bouncey seat! Needless to say I laid in my bed for a couple of hours w/ a wet rag over my face, hovered over the toilet a couple of times, threw up in a trash can a couple of times and finally got to feeling better around 8:30. Jeff had come home and had taken all the kids to go eat at Chappy's so I could be miserable in silence. We went to bed around 10:30 and woke up at 2 to G screaming. He had fallen off the bottom of the bed and busted his lip! So he pitched a fit to sleep w/ me, which then made B cry b/c no one was sleeping with him, so Jeff finished off the night w/ Browder and G slept w/ me!! Gotta love the 8:30 soccer games after a night like that! Mallory & I stayed home this morning! I feel OK today - a little off, but OK! I got a SB after lunch. At first I thought it was a caffeine headache b/c I didn't have any yesterday, but I'm just not sure!? All I know is that I hope it never happens again!! I did see an ad this morning about migraines - or something, so it may be a sign?

Sampling a couple more EB designs today (sailboat & santa face) and will post soon! We're watching the Auburn game tonight and baby Mallory is getting baptized in the morning at church! When B was baptized, we invited the whole family (extended and all), rented the Sturbridge clubhouse and had a HUGE luncheon afterwards catered by Noni. With G, we invited immediate family and had a little luncheon over here at our house - family and a few friends. Poor little Mallory - immediate family only and we made reservations at Tipico de Mexico!! Not even Wynlakes!! Hey, the cabinet business ain't doin too hot right now and Rosie is finally paying off the Amex where she got pics made of the kids, so mexican it is! Simple, easy, cheap!! Hopefully this won't scar her for life...

I watched part of I Am Sam this morning... all the whaling & crying probably didn't help in my recovery from last night. What a great movie!!


The Brown Family said...

oh no rose! sounds you experienced the terrible migrain. it can take me days to recover from one. hope all went well today for little M's babtism and lunch at tips!

Anonymous said...

god bless you...I have had a few migraines. What you did sounds like what I did. I never threw up...but I really felt like I could. Have not had any in a really long time, knock on wood. Love looking at your new stuff...I am making the cross on that site for a friend today. TAlk to you soon H.