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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've been crankin out the pumpkins! Popular design for Halloween/Fall. Looks great w/ the name through it (see B & G photo). B had a playdate today and the youngest 2 are napping, so I'm trying to get a lot of work done (and here I am blogging...). Tonight I'm going to some sort of painting thing for a friend's b-day. I'm no artist but I think it'll be fun! Supposedly I will leave w/ a masterpiece!?! Last night I went to a progressive dinner for the women in our church (Eastwood Pres) and it was a lot of fun! I had blisters on my feet by the time I got home but it was fun, and good exercise! The houses weren't quite as close together as we thought and I wore cute (horribly uncomfortable) shoes. The "program" portion of the evening was about Common Ground (Montgomery). It's an incredible mission that these 2 families are undertaking! They live on the "west side" of town and basically minister and take care of and love these kids and families that live there. They do bible studies and are opening a community center for them. It's absolutely unbelievable and definitely a calling from God! (

Little Mallory is just about to crawl! She has no teeth, but she's ready to MOVE! I've attached a few photos. She has that "baby food" coloring to her! When G was a baby I just knew he would have Jeff's dark skin complexion. Come to find out there is something in baby food that often makes their skin look orange. oh well! We are doing a Wed. night program at church about Parenting. THANK GOODNESS!! Garrison & I are about to have a boxing match!! He has entered that awful, horrible, annoying "NO!!!!" stage. We went round & round this morning over a coloring book tear out page that Browder had colored and G quickly tore in half. He would NOT apologize!! He's wearing me out!!

We took dinner to some friends last night and I have to apologize - K, if your sodium level if off the charts I'm so sorry! I can never get peas salty enough and well, I got 'em salty enough last night! I had leftovers for lunch and swelled UP. Jeff loves it when we cook for other people because I COOK FOR US!! YEAH!! I like to cook - just don't take the time (that I should) to think in advance and do it! (sorry Jeff!)

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Anonymous said...

How exciting to be mentioned in your blog!!! We thought dinner was delicious! MM actually ate three bites of the peas without me even having to bribe her with dessert. Salt must be the magic ingredient to get her to eat! Thank you so much.