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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The neverending pile!!

This isn't on the E-B website yet, but here is a sneak peak at a precious train I did on 2 shirts today!! I love this!! I've said it before - I LOVE simple!! The elephant has been very popular. Not so much as a request on people's stuff (yet), but other embroidery gals e-mailing to see where I got it. The same people that brought me the elephant have a very cute robot I'm going to do too. As far as E-B, Rachel is busy working on lots of new stuff (and waiting for me to sample it...). A cute Christmas tree more suitable for a boy (versus the bow & polka dot tree). BTW, I did the girl tree on a shirt to match some Target polka dot pants, so I did the dots in different colors. I've matched a lot of stuff to Target leggings!!
Here are some very cute market totes I did today also. I used to think I couldn't do these, but have since figured out how to do them. These were kinda small so at one point I was sweating (literally) trying to hold it in place, but nonetheless I did 3 of them and they turned out cute w/ this single letter! (side note: my machine puts off a lot of heat for real)

Here is the train again on navy.

I've slacked up a bit on Facebook, but had a request yesterday to befriend a certain unnamed Judge who is running in the current campaign. I don't know if he thought he knew me or if he is just requesting friends with whoever he thinks can vote? I do not know him, so I ignored him. I was thinking that I couldn't believe that someone would do such, but then remembered that I AM friends with Alexis & Jennifer from Sirius radio. Yes, Martha Stewart's daughter. When I drove the lexus and worked, I listened to them every day. I drive Jeff's car every chance I get b/w 4-6 just so I can listen. They happen to be on Facebook too, so I requested to be their friend and they accepted! I am not a freak. They have thousands of friends and I think they accept anyone who claims to be a listener.

Speaking of the election... is it over yet?

My SB birthday gift cards are dwindling down. I think I'm down to like $14. :( Once they are gone I've GOT to make a committment to treat myself only a few times a week. Jeff has this funny little joke that whenever we pass by SB, he starts driving all crazy acting like my car is trying to pull in. Pretty cute until we run in to a light pole I guess!

Looks like my machine will go in the shop Thursday unless I can swing it by tomorrow afternoon. I have a few more shirts to do and have lunch plans tomorrow with my Frazer Lanier friends (which is a 2 hour affair). Won't get anything done until after I get home w/ the kids. I'm afraid at what the service guy is going to tell me about my machine. He's already told me how bad spray adhesives are (which I use daily). I've got my stabilizing & hooping down to a science, but evidently it's gunking up my machine. We shall see!

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