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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gotta love a stomach bug!!

Well, I picked Browder up from school today and by the time we got home he went from "No, I'm not tired" to "Mommy I may rest" to "I don't feel good". He & G were up BEFORE THE SUN this morning, so I thought he was indeed tired! It didn't take long before I sensed something was wrong this afternoon, opened the door and found him puking all over the bed!! It was one of those virus pukes you hear about that just about knocks you down onto the floor! I managed to get him undressed and in the tub, transport G to my bed and strip all the linens. This took many many trips of me running in the room holding my breath with my shirt over my nose (and lots of Lysol)!! This is what G.E. made HOT wash cycles for!! He slept on the couch after that, and since we had a birthday dinner tonight w/ Jeff's whole family at Pizza Perfect, we packed up and all went. Browder claimed to feel OK and we kept him in seclusion at the end of the table away from the other kids!! He wanted pizza, then only took a bite, then wanted some croutons & ranch and b-day cake which he ate a little bit. After stopping to fill up our tank w/ $3.27 gas (on Coliseum Blvd), he claimed to not feel well so we moved him to the middle row seat so he'd be by the door. I gave him a bag just in case... and he used it, only he didn't hold it right so it all ended up in his lap!! We stripped him down to his fanny in a gas station parking lot, cleaned up and headed home. Before we could get on Vaughn Road good Mallory started throwing up!!!!!!!!! Pulled over again... she's a spitter-upper, but this sounded like vomitting!? Needless to say we're hunkering down tomorrow awaiting Garrison's turn at this (or mine!). I got a little bit of sewing done today regardless! I'm trying to get all of the PUMPKIN shirts done!! I have piles & piles of work to do!! Jeff & I briefly discussed getting machine #2 after the new year, but we'll have to figure out if that will speed anything up. For the most part I think my lack of uninterrupted "work time" during the day makes it hard for me to get much done (hence me blogging at 11:38 PM).

I just posted a cute simple elephant I got from! (Kendra what do you think?) I just did a cute owl from there too! I'm also posting a couple of pictures - Garrison w/ the Cars racetrack around his neck!! Also my little Mallory is sitting up and has learned she can CRAWL!! She doesn't go very far very fast, but has figured out how to move her little hands & knees and get that toy!! She is the sweetest baby!!!!! Browder's black eye is improving. I'm getting M's baptism gown pics taken Friday so if he looks OK, I'm going to take him too to get a school pic! There is also a pic of Browder asleep in his "house". I can clean up every toy in his room and have everything neat and in place. I turn around and he's got a house built in the corner! Yesterday I couldn't find him during "rest time"....
A while ago I posted about my great haircut lady leaving Sport Clips and how I couldn't find her. Well... I found her! I was going to take G to HeadStart to get a trim this morning, but when I rode by they looked busy, so I lollygagged through Wynlakes heading home. For some reason my Suburban kept going past Sturbridge and I wound up at Starbucks!? After I busted Amie in the drive thru and got my frap and a milk box for G, I noticed a Hairmasters salon by Publix. Rode by and saw the haircut guy reading the paper, so we parked and went in. I got G's hair cut and as we were loading up in my car with the sucker and milk box and piece of candy I bribed him to be still with, a lady pulled up beside me that looked familiar. It was BREE!! I found her!! She is the only person that ever cut Browder's hair right and I am SO happy to have found her! I was very close to looking her up in the phone book and calling her at home before today. It was that or cold calling every walk-in salon in town. The fact that she parked beside me is a God thing, seeing as though I had no plans to get his hair cut at this place by Publix - I've NEVER been there before! I had planned on Headstart and had NOT planned on a Starbucks this morning either! YEAH!! Of course she may lock the door when I show up (the crazy girl w/ no makeup on who rolled down her window and yelled BREE!!!! You don't know me but....)

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Anonymous said...

I love both of them! How will I decide which one to use? I love the pink owl (bc I love anything in pink), but I really like the elephant too. I bet it would look cute in pink, too, don't you think?? :)