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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm so excited ~ I made Mallory a pair of pantaloons!!! It took me 2 days and I haven't tried them on her yet (so who knows if they even fit; I'm not really sure which is the front and which is the back, or if it matters?), but I made them! I bought the pattern a while ago and haven't had time to attempt it. I also haven't sewn much of anything in a LONG LONG time, so I didn't get the right size elastic or the bias tape, and then didn't have another size elastic needed for the legs. It took a trip to Hancocks yesterday and I found the other elastic at Walmart today. Other than that it was a snap. Next I will attempt to make them in minky dot!!

Here's B & G this a.m. in their matching Costco Carter's jackets (see previous post). Who doesn't love Costco? We went by after school and had pizza and all kinds of snacks (samples) and I got a fountain coke for 65 cents. Where can you get a coke for 65c? I went through DQ the other day and a small blizzard cost me like $3.85!! That's about as much as a Starbucks. Had there been a SB in Troy I would have gotten that instead.

Speaking of cheap, the fam had dinner last night at Taco Bell. There is some world series homerun thing where they do free tacos on Tuesday from 4-6, so our whole family ate there for $4.82, plus another buck for an extra taco and another buck for an order of cinnamon twists. Nonetheless it was cheap and no one ended up on the toilet.

Still without my machine! He said they'd call me yesterday or today and no word, so I will call in the morning and check on her. I hadn't realized how much time I spent using it until I haven't had it. I've had much more time for laundry, closet organization (see Mon. post), sewing pantaloons, and a big nap yesterday afternoon with Garrison.

When little M gets up I'll have her model the pants and post another pic. We're also going to Wynlakes tonight and the boys are dressing up, so I'll post a pic of that too. With the economy like it is, Browder is going to be Spiderman again (last year) and G will either be an AU football player or a borrowed Pottery Barn puppy dog. I don't think he's going to be too thrilled about either (dressing up), but kids in costume eat free at Wynlakes tonight so he's wearin something. As they used to say when I worked at Frazer Lanier, "if it's free, it's me"!!

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The Brown Family said...

the pantaloons turned out great! can't wait to see her in them.