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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting organized

Tonight on our way to church I felt the pressure. I spent all morning running errands, went to lunch for my b-day w/ a few friends, picked up the kids whom I had farmed out so I wouldn't have to pay for late day, and headed home to the chaos that has become my house! Did I mention we're doing the neighborhood yard sale Sat. morning and this afternoon at about 3:00 I pulled out the first piece of junk to be sold!? I managed to monogram a couple of things WHILE I priced stuff (and folded a load of clothes). I need about 3 more hands and a few more hours in the day to get everything done. If I can just get through Saturday I might survive!!

Browder came home yesterday w/ a black eye! Evidently he got into a rumble with a swing on the playground at school but it didn't hurt, so he didn't tell his teacher. Imagine my shock when we get home from school and I notice a bubble of skin on his eye turning blue by the minute. No note from the school so I ended up calling his teacher, then talking to Browder again, then having to call his teacher back to get the story all straight of what happened! She didn't even know it happened! Did I mention it was picture day today?I'm attaching a pic from this morning. It has gotten worse so I'll have to take another pic in the morning!

I got a tip yesterday that Hobby Lobby had some cute new fabrics (in a box back near the buttons of all places). Gotta love some secret new fabric! My friend was correct and it was C-U-T-E! I picked out like 5 I liked, then another from another girl's buggy, then another on the counter someone else had gotten. The large dots I ended up getting the rest of the bolt it was so cute (which was about 1 1/4 yards). Seeing as though a standard applique takes about a 4x4 square of fabric at max I have enough fabric to last me the rest of my life! It's hard to see, but the diagonal looking stripe would be cute w/ the Christmas tree design I think!

I also braved the Southern Blvd Walmart this morning in search of some plain t-shirts. Garanimals has the BEST t-shirts but they are hard to find. No luck! They only had 1 red one and a few plum colored ones.

I'm attaching some photos. One is of my PILE of monogramming I have to do. I've just written everything down on my calendar according to who brought what when and I'm going to try to do as much as possible tomorrow & Friday in addition to getting ready for the yard sale. Hopefully everyone will bear with me! I don't want to stop taking orders, but might have to ask anyone else who calls to hold off until mid-week next week so I can survive without an anxiety attack or nervous breakdown. Having 30 t-shirts to do is way more stressful than my 10 years at Frazer Lanier!!

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