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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I went to the infamous Beth's in Wetumpka on Friday. She had some precious fabric! However, I was good and only bought this cute periwinkle w/ tiny brown polka dots, a lime green fine wale cord (great for C'mas trees) and 2 of these great bibs. Have I said already that I LOVE this elephant? This is a great bib too! I need to go back and get some more. She had 3 and I bought 2 - should have bought the 3rd one too! I may see if they can order me a dozen or something.
Yes, this is Mallory standing up in her crib! I had to lower it all the way down yesterday b/c she is not even 8 mos yet, but has figured out how to pull up already. Both boys didn't stand up or walk til they were 14 or 15 mos, so I'm a little in shock. She is on the move crawling and getting in to everything already. Tore up 2 pottery barn magazines today!!
These are my sweet boys. Garrison often wants Browder to "Hold You". Another funny and strange thing - Garrison thinks he is either Browder's official spokesman, or he thinks that his name is "MeBrowder". Everything is "MeBrowder play with cars?" "MeBrowder go outside?". The only problem is that half the time Browder isn't even here!!
Here is G in the bike trailer w/ his Auburn pom pom and spiderman hat on. He's a little excited about this bike ride w/ Daddy.

I've been STILLLLLLLLLL catching up this week. I think I've just about done all the pumpkins I can do. Actually I have 2 more I think. I'm a little sick of pumpkins (however cute they are) so I did a scarecrow on a shirt for Garrison. I think I've appliqued 48 pumpkins in the past month. I had someone ask for something fishing, so I just did a cute stick fisher-boy on an army green shirt. The colors were tricky, but it turned out really cute and I want to do this for my boys. Will post in a minute.

Yard sale #2 was a success (Deer Creek). I saw a few of the same yard-salers there from the one at my house. I'm really curious about what they do w/ the stuff they buy. I've heard they re-sell it, or are they hoarders?, or do they decorate their house w/ it? I still have a couple of boxes in the garage and need to clean out my closet before I make a trip to Salvation Army. Too bad there isn't another sale this weekend. It was actually a lot of FUN!

Jeff is out of town til tomorrow so I'm probably staying up late to play catch-up. We had cheeseburger helper for din din and honeycrisp apples, which were YUMMY! I always struggle with picking out the right apple. Highly recommend these.

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apadgett said...

hi, i am new to blogging and so excited to find yours. this may be the wrong way to do this. where did you find that cute elephant? thanks