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Friday, October 24, 2008

Applique Ideas

We went to the (Jr. League) Holiday Market last night. I bought 3 rolls of wrapping paper and a roll of lime green tulle (is that what you call it?). That was it. I think I spent $15. The wrapping paper is cute - one like kraft paper but it's camo, one like kraft paper but w/ big red polka dots, and then plain shiny white. Wrapping supplies are so fun!! They actually have very cute, very cheap wrapping stuff at Hobby Lobby - cute tissue paper which I never seem to have. OH, they also have some Rabbit Skins baby stuff at Hobby Lobby right now which I thought was random - I saw some bibs & onesies & short sleeve t-shirts in baby sizes.

I saw lots of ideas for appliques at the HM - the spider on my blog done in normal colors (like green gingham trimmed in brown). Very cute and didn't look like Halloween. It's hard to think outside the box sometimes, so it was fun to see what other people were doing with applique. There was also a booth of very cute women's t-shirts. Most were screen printed with bible verses and neat designs or crosses ($25-28). They also had some T's with applique crosses on them. I actually have an applique cross or two, but never knew what to do with them. I think the key is a very fitted t-shirt and the right fabric. When I try it I'll post a picture! I have some pretty brown & pink fabric that I haven't posted yet - I did a Fleur de Lis(I know I botched that spelling up) on the Embroidery Boutique website. I think this would work on a women's T for a cross if I can find the right colored t-shirt. Stay tuned for that...

I finally took my machine in this morning to get serviced and should have it back Tues or Wed of next week. I've been in this sew & vac shop 3-4 times in the past week, and every time I go in there the guy asks me the same questions as if he's never seen me before.... a little odd. My mom & I spent the morning at Hobby Lobby, Target, got a SB and ate at Zoe's. I'm not sure what they are doing at Zoe's, but the past 2 times I've been in there it has been standing room only and everyone seems to know the owner or manager guy?! Hmmm.... They do have a yummy new pita pizza which is what I got. Very good!

I'm now in the big city of Enterprise for the weekend. I've got big plans to hit the Singer sewing store tomorrow! Might even go to JCPenney. On the way down here I saw the funniest billboard in Troy - it said "Bald is Scary" and had a huge scary picture of Brittany Spears on it after she shaved her head!! It was an ad for a tire store in Troy. Had it not been raining and had my mom not been following me, I would have stopped my car and taken a picture. I might even do so on the way home. Excellent advertisement!!

Jeff is in lower Alabama on a golf trip (Gulf Shores maybe?) probably drowning his sorrows over the AU game. Gotta go see Scooter the Cat playing w/ a frog... OH!!!!!!!!!! Garrison pooped in the potty for the 2nd time in his little life tonight! YEAH!!!!!!! I bought him some Diego underwear so maybe we'll try them out when I get home!!

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