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Monday, October 27, 2008

Market Totes

I've had several e-mails about the market totes I embroidered from a previous post - I believe the brand is Reisenthel and those were their XS market totes - they actually have a drawstring closure! Not sure where you get them, but that's the brand if you want to google it!

I got a little catalog today from and they have some cute things! Right now 40% off and free shipping (still a small handling charge). I was needing some gift labels (80) for G & B, so I got those and went ahead and ordered some Christmas return labels (120). So 200 labels for about $20! Oh, enter "wish" at checkout for the discount.

I'm currently cleaning out my closet and will have pics to post later. OH MY!! Did I not just have 2 yard sales???? Piles of shoes & clothes and JUNK squeezed into my closet. I mean I cleared everything out except my wedding dress (which is in a box) and Jeff's hunting gun - which are both up on the very top shelf. My room is FULL of stuff. I should be slapped for ever saying "I have nothing to wear...". Back to work...

p.s. I spent a good hour last night "organizing" my pictures on the right hand side. What a job!! You have to move the pic up w/ the mouse, scroll up and down and move it some more. Not an easy task. It's a little more organized than before and hopefully will make looking easier. There are probably some things that could be deleted and I'll try to spend some more time on it tonight.

It has been very strange w/out my machine here. I keep wanting to do monogramming and I can't. I've been able to clean out closets (I did M's too) and do some much needed things around the house. Tonight we're finally hanging the kids pics over the sofa. Yes they were taken in JUNE. I finally got them framed a couple of weeks ago but they haven't made it to the wall yet. I'll post a pic of that too!

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