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Monday, October 27, 2008

Closet Transformation!!

This is my mess of a closet before. I got to where I was just throwing stuff in the doorway. Notice my bag of wrapping paper I bought Thurs night just leaning there in the doorway. (p.s. Merry Christmas there) The other morning a brand new bottle of kids shampoo went missing. After an hour of searching (obviously not in my messy closet), where did I find it? In my closet. I have no idea how Garrison got it in there since I haven't walked in there in weeks.

I emptied the closet completely! Dust...YUCK! Vacuumed really well - the floor and all of the baseboards! You're on the edge of your seat w/ this blog post I know...

Yes, this is everything from my closet piled in our room! How did it all fit? (side note: between CCE and the yard sales I've stripped my poor room down to the bare bones with hopes of redecorating, or decorating, sometime in the near future. There isn't a thing on any of the walls, no curtains, no bedskirt.

Shoes. Who needs this many bad smelly shoes? I've had those yellow box shoes for a few years now. I actually bought my first pair before they were cool. Are they even cool now?

I don't have anything to wear whaaa whaaaaa... I filled up 3 trash bags for Goodwill!! There are shirts in there I've had since Jeff & I were DATING!!

Below is the "AFTER". I have my giftwrap corner, jeans to the left and tops on top! I didn't take a pic inside my closet but have another tall rack of dresses, long pants, coats, scarves, etc plus all the junk I couldn't get rid of is piled way up high on the shelf as well. But, it's clean and ORGANIZED!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!! Now I just need to go shopping...


The Brown Family said...

Wow! Love it- now will you come do mine...haha!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha- I fixed my closet, too- it's stuffed full, still... but I think I need to go shopping too :)