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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My mom came up to spend a couple of days, so Jeff & I ran (not literally) to the Red Lantern to eat supper. We pass by it going to Tipico (aka Tips) all the time so we decided to give her a try. Still angry w/ Tips over the whole coupon fiasco - BTW now they have the coupon I tried to use up by the register w/ a huge NOT VALID sign!! Anyway, the food was good (chinese). Unfortunately, when we got there we were the only customers in the whole entire restaurant!! Shortly thereafter another lone customer came in, then 1 more couple, so a total of 5 eaters the whole time we were there! It's a very nice restaurant and would be great for large parties or after church. Of course Jeff & I said we better take our large party there very soon before the Red Lantern says Lights Out.

I did not get a SB today (woo hoo). I was very good! I took all the kids to school and actually CAME HOME and did a little work while I folded clothes, unloaded the dishwasher and tidied up after the breakfast crowd - the boys helped themselves to some cheerios while I showered and cleanup involved a broom and dustbuster. Then I met my Frazer Lanier lunch group at La Jolla for a $95 lunch!! We go to lunch about every couple of months (4 of us) and usually partake in every course offered. Soup, meal, more desserts than people at our table... it was very good! I took a big fat nap this afternoon I was so full.

Tomorrow I'm going on B's field trip to the pumpkin patch, so I should have some cute pics to post. Tomorrow night I'm going to the Holiday Market (Jr League) which is at the new (renovated?) Convention Center (Renaissance Hotel) downtown! A bit fancier than the Colliseum where they hold the FAIR and monster truck shows. I can't wait to see it. Friday my mom & I will shop while the kids are at school, then we're headed to Enterprise for the weekend to celebrate my brother & dad's birthday! I will be sure to hit the Singer Sewing Center as well - they have great fabrics usually!

I tested a super duper cute Christmas tree for EB tonight - this one will be good for the boys (or girls). I will post my pic as soon as Rachel gets it on the web! I have a few more shirts to finish up tomorrow (because I chose to take a nap today), and am taking my Brother in to the shop. I would like to do those few shirts and squeeze in a few for my kids - G's scarecrow shirt is the only shirt I've done for any of them this "fall". I have a PILE!!

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Anonymous said... have got to share how you did those shopping bags. I have seem them and I love them. I just thought there was not way I could do them. Speaking of running out of thread...I ran out the other day doing a bib. I had the L left in Will. I had to run clear across town to get the "pastoral green" thread. All this for an 8 dollar bib! I will be sure to pick more up when I am running low next time! Love reading your posts! Heather