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Friday, July 17, 2009

2 More Designs!!

This bowling pin is an Emb. Boutique design. I was told that it needed to be "cool" for a cute little 5 yr old who is picky about his clothes! (Sounds like my Garrison only he's 3) I had seen a Boden shirt similar to this and so had the Mama, so from there she suggested these colors and I decided to tweak it a little and sub in the Emb. Boutique RAGGY star instead of the regular applique star that is normally on the design. I've said all along I'm a huge fan of the raggy designs!! Rachel has about 6 or 8 of them and several are on my blog (fish, flower, butterfly, cross). I also have her pumpkin and angel, both raggy! Anyway I thought this turned out cute and hopefully, COOL!! This is a great one for the older boys! I did the pin pretty big (maybe 5" or so?)
And here are a couple more TMR designs that were listed on Etsy just a bit ago! Jeff also has a cowboy boot in the works, but since these were relatively simple he did these first! I have seen a horseshoe with initials inside also but went with a name instead. This is mono wizard plus simple script font by the way.
And a badge - great with initials or name would work too. This is MWP miami font.
After the boot I'm thinking we need a few girl designs, so I'll be working on that. We also want to come up with a few fall designs so we'll be working on those as well!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the new designs! I love the indians and turkey that Palmer Coley did on her shirts a couple of years ago for Thanksgiving. Could you do those?