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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More New Fabrics!

Surprise!! Sissy in my Uggs - she LOVES shoes! Jeff bought her some cheesy princess flip flops the other night for $6.50 but she couldn't squeeze her foot in to them, so he took them back! Not that she's old enough to wear flip flops but it would have been good entertainment for her for a while!
She even got them on the right feet!
Today I went shopping at a friend's house. She sews precious children's clothes, diaper bags, makes hair bows and all sorts of neat things and has TONS of fabric, so she let me come shop! She is listed above in my resources section ~ Girly Girl Designs (also at My Kids Attic in Montgomery). I could have gone crazy, but tried to be sensible and think "applique" and pick fabrics that I will actually use, not just buy and admire in the drawer! Here is a C-U-T-E stripe! All great colors! A pink damask and a pink check ~ says "crib check".

A few Christmas fabrics... hey, it'll be here before we know it.

And you can never ever ever have too many polka dots! The first on the left is a Michael Miller - I have a big dot similar to this that I've used a ton this summer, but this one is a shade or two lighter. Then a pretty green pin dot, a mossy green dot, pink/hot pink dot and lastly brown pin dot.
I'm down to 5 lonely items on my to-do shelf, plus a baby gift or two I need to do for myself. Plus Jeff is ready for the next design(s) to digitize. I'm loving this pace and know when fall comes I'll probably be slammed and back in the teens or twentys on my to-do shelf. But for now I'm enjoying doing a few things here & there!

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