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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Rocket, and Design News...

Here is the rocket tube thing mentioned in my previous post. I think it's really called an Eagle? Anyway when you pull one behind a Waverunner you can go really really super fast (as opposed to a pontoon boat). Did I mention that Jeff got the WR up to 63 MPH earlier in the day? This thing is what I flew off of going who knows how fast. I'm feeling better today! I was in the front, so I had all the lake water spraying in my face and I could see the waves coming. I recommend the middle or back!
It has been a busy computer day. I have days where I feel like I'm on this computer for HOURS... today was one of those days! The Etsy business is picking up and as you can see I listed a set of birthday hats last night (and already sold a few today). It was a heavy e-mail day plus converting and e-mailing out designs as they are bought. Anyway... we've quickly realized in 2 weeks that Etsy is making a pretty penny off of everything that's on there! Therefore, we've already purchased a website domain and signed up for web hosting on a website!! I haven't picked out my web design yet and it'll probably take a week or two to get that and to get it all set up, but overall will be cheaper to run than selling on Etsy! We'll start out simple since we only have 7 or 8 designs (thus far). Paypal checkout and we'll still e-mail the designs out as they are bought. We'll eventually add instant download, as I know when I buy a design I usually NEED it right then! I think so far I've e-mailed designs out pretty quickly (and sometimes almost instantly). The thing that takes up time is having to e-mail to see which format is needed because most people forget to put that in the message section. I've started a spreadsheet to keep a record of formats so I'll know for repeat customers! From my experience I prefer just getting the format I use rather than 10 of them that I have to sort through or delete after I buy them! So..... lots going on! All this on top of monogramming orders coming in as school is getting ready to start! Today I had 3 people at my door almost at the same time!! No more empty shelf...
Stay tuned for WEBSITE INFO!!
p.s. I heard Walmart had already started getting fall stuff in. I went today and only found 1 long sleeved red t-shirt (Garanimals). They did have huge piles of short sleeve YOUTH size tees in "fall colors"!


Anonymous said...

hey rosemary,
i have a baby gift that needs to be monogrammed - 3 bibs. bring by tomorrow? also, are the ts from walmart pretty good?

Anonymous said...


You were super prompt in mailing out my design. I love the new designs.

Emilee Brasell