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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New fabrics

Today Browder & I made the haul to Beth's Heirloom outside, or maybe inside?, Wetumpka! I had a 25% off coupon and have been itching for new stuff so we drove up there this morning. I mainly got ginghams (some I have and was low on, and some I don't have). Below is a royal blue, orange, navy FAT gingham, then an orange, brown and a smidge lighter brown gingham and lastly, an orange fabric (thinking fall).
Love polka dots! I had yellow, but this is a buttery yellow and a pretty teal color.
And lastly these great TRI-CHECKS (thanks, Gail!!) I have a couple of these already and love them! The 3rd one down is turquoise and brown which is really cute!

As I was checking out with my coupon, the lady checking me out asked me to write my name on the coupon. When I did she "recognized" me and said she read my blog on occasion and was excited about the new EB applique alphabet (which I have not sewn yet). It was kind of fun to be recognized, or moreso my name!! Beth's has GREAT fabric! I could seriously go crazy in there. But, I'm trying to be rational and think fall and Christmas since I have tubs and baskets and drawers of fabric already!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rosemary!
I was in there when you were and i heard you checking out. i thought, I'll speak to her...then i thought, she may not remember me, so I didn't. Glad you found some new fabric - Beth's is really the best in these here parts! :)
Jan Melton

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosemary,
Mike Hambrick, who, with his wife,ARE Fabric Finders, Inc. calls these 'tri-checks'.
Love my Elephant 2!

nancy said...

I think that is funny that you were excited to be recognized! I found your blog from the link thats on Embroidery Boutique website and I check your blog pretty regularly for inspiration. If I recognized you in a fabric store - I would definitely want to talk to you! All of your stuff is so cute!

Staci said...

You found Tri-Checks!!! I've been looking EVERYWHERE around here! I really need the blue/red/white. I bought the orange/green/white and navy/kaky/white on ebay last week.

Oh and I can find every gingham here except for orange and white! - I really need that living in TN. Going to Knoxville tomorrow so hoping to find some there!

Staci said...

Did you see YOUR airplane on the cherry tree site??? Looks really cute!