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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th!

I was kinda proud of myself Sat. morning. Our neighborhood has a 4th of July parade every year. (Our neighborhood has a lot of stuff actually and we just never go) I did do the parade 2 years ago and it was fun, so we did it again Saturday! It took a lot of effort, hence me being proud of myself!! I love the Will & Grace episode where HCJr. invites them to go biking and their famous quote was "we don't DO stuff"! We decorated the stroller and B's bike and all got dressed in our 4th attire (red tank top was all I could find). We WALKED to the front of the neighborhood, which is quite a hike, waited on the parade to start and the parade went back to the clubhouse where we had lots of water and popsicles. It was a scorcher that morning!! It was a lot of fun and worth the effort! I had my physical last week and got my results, which said "increase exercise" by one of the cholesterols. Jeff's response was "you mean BEGIN exercise".
Here is a big sister shirt I did this afternoon. I have had several requests for these lately so it must be baby season!! There are endless possibilities for these sibling shirts! I saw one today at Storkland with a big flower on it that said big sister! (A-this particular shirt is EB's vintage applique font for the BIG and MWP tipsy font for the sister part.)

While I was on vacation a friend of mine did some sampling for EB! A new alphabet and some pirate designs for sure ~ I haven't seen them all yet so I'm anxiously awaiting them like the rest of you!!

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annmcgaughey said...

where did you find that big sister design thanks