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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Design #3

Another elephant... and no, we do not have an elephant fetish!! This is an original sketch by a friend of a friend that we got to "try" to see how it would work. Jeff had already started on the other one and wanted to finish and list it. We got this one done last night and the artist approves, so we'll get this one on Etsy tonight!! No more elephants for a while, I promise!! I do love elephants but 2 is enough for now! :)
I've been scowering ideas all day and I think we're working on a cowboy-ish design, or two or three next. I've gotten lots of cute ideas and suggestions so it's hard to know which to do next! Also trying to think of fall - football, halloween, etc...
This morning I think I really outdid myself! Like the 4th of July parade, we did something this morning which took A LOT of effort! We had plans to go to a splash pad downtown with some friends from church. Why not tie that in with an embroidery delivery and a visit to my old office? I got us all fed and dressed and loaded up in the car. Did I mention I made sandwiches for all of us as well as ziplocs of grapes, cheezits, chips, a cooler of drinks for lunch, beach towels, sunscreen, changes of clothes, paper plates & napkins, the bathtub, OH..... Drove downtown, dropped a t-shirt off and went to visit my co-workers at Frazer Lanier. The kids were great - the boys got candy and everyone thought they were cute! I did get asked "Geez, how many kids do you have?????" When I started working there in 1997 I was single and lived in an apartment! After that we saw the church crew and hopped on the trolley for a tour of downtown. Got off the trolley and loaded up the stroller for the trek to the splash pad. The trek included walking down Water St., down through the tunnel on Commerce to the Riverwalk (saw the riverboat) and way up a gravel hill to the ampitheater and splash pad. It was about 110 degrees outside and I'm pushing a limousine stroller carrying Mallory and 6 bags & coolers. The kids played, we ate and then made the hike back to the car. We all came home and crashed! Good times!! I'm still exhausted! Showering and to bed early tonight. The little ones have school tomorrow so errands for me & B (and possibly a SB) and work work work!!
**********Check out Etsy shortly for design numero tres!!

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