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Friday, July 10, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas...

I'm no fashion expert. I don't read InStyle and only get People when I'm on vacation. But... I'm pretty sure I committed a violation today when I went out in public with 2 different shoes on!!!!! Same style, sort of, but not even the same color! I was all over Wynlakes eating lunch lookin like this and didn't notice. Loaded the kids up and headed to Target. We're getting out of the car and Browder finally says "Mom, why do you have those shoes on?". I looked down and completely lost it! I called Jeff to ask him why he didn't tell me, only I was laughing so hard that he thought I was crying and had been in an accident!! What's a girl to do? I went on in Target and did my shopping! I had all 3 kids and G was pretty wild so if anyone noticed hopefully they understood!

Kids are down for their afternoon snooze so I've got both machines going. Business has gotten busy in the past day or two - lots of stuff mailed in and a couple of drop offs from out of towners! We have a dinner tonight and a birthday party tomorrow and other than that, a pretty slow weekend so hopefully I can get some work done!


Amanda said...

Both cute shoes! At least you had your toenails painted...I haven't painted mine the whole summer and it's mid-July!! Love reading your blog...motivates me to embroider too! Those cowboy boots will be cute for Fall!

The Shuman Family said...

I have always enjoyed your blog. I have even started my own. You inspired me to embrodier and to learn to sew. Thanks. I found this website that I thought had some cute designs so I would like share with you: