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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Summer Summertime (Will Smith version)

This summer is flying by! Browder starts Kindergarten in like one month!! I'm kind of looking forward to it ~ he will go to Eastwood Christian School and Kind. is only on MWF from 7:40 (ouch) until 12:30. The little bits will go MWF too (9-1), so for another year I will have them all with me on Tu & Th!! I think it'll be a fun year! Here are a couple of pics of Mallory in G's rain boots. The girl loves shoes!! She can walk in them remarkably well too!?
Look at the belly!!
And here we have 2 dozen white bibs!! YEAH!! I did not go to Market this time around, but my sweet friend Kay did and was gracious enough to pick me up some bibs and send them to me! I got them today and am very excited ~ hopefully these will last me for a little while! They sell these at Storkland for $6.95 with nothing on them, so yeah for Market and Kay!! Thanks again!!
I have not listed the new elephant yet. Will do so shortly and sold another airplane today! I'm supposed to get 2 more ideas/designs ready for Jeff to work on and he's getting better and better with each design. It is pretty time consuming right now with lots of trial and error, but hopefully we can offer more and more and it'll get easier and easier! We actually have a sketch of another cute elephant that someone sent us to try. It's an original sketch and very cute!!
Today the G & Mal went to school so I picked up one of B's friends to play for the morning. They had a great time! We rode the scooter/bikes up to the Sturbridge pool for a swim, which lasted about 10 minutes and they were bored with that pool. Not very exciting I guess? So... we rode back home and loaded up and went to the Wynlakes pool! It has a slide, slushies, chicken fingers and popsicles so way more exciting I guess. They swam til I had to go pick up the little ones, then I took C home and now everyone is asleep! Off to work!

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