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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!

This shirt was a special request for someone to match some pants. The LOVE font was used for the initial "L". I thought it was pretty cute!
So.... I did it on this Little English green cord overall for Mallory! It had a monogram on it and I removed what I could, then decided to cover it up. The photo quality isn't great - I dropped my camera last night and it's now dead, so I took this w/ Jeff's Iphone and e-mailed it to myself! The greens really match and it looks really cute! I used a patchwork fabric for the bottom circle!
Trucking along on my orders! I still have SO MUCH to do over the next few weeks! Hopefully I'll get it done so I can enjoy Thanksgiving and then get ready for a few weeks worth of work before Christmas. I've added several blogs on my blog list of people who do embroidery too. And if you are in Montgomery, I was told to call Charlotte at Pea In A Pod and they would take outside work too! I haven't been by or called yet so I'm not sure how much they charge or what they offer! Will try to get by there this week!

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SSS Creations said...

Where can I find this LOVE font? I love this.