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Monday, November 16, 2009

My "G"

Here is my G ready for school this morning! He got up at 6:30!! Painters were here at 6:45 to stand out in the street til 7:00 (??) and are now painting my yellow kitchen! YEAH!! I will post before and after pics later today! Last night I sampled a new design on a shirt for G. He has had these blue gingham pants with nothing to match them, so I figured why not make the shirt to match! I trimmed the "lab" (aka simple dog) in brown. Simple is my motto, so this may be my new favorite design! I have another one to sample sometime today, so hopefully we'll have at least 2 new designs up this week!

I'm about to take these little ones to early room at school - to keep them out of the kitchen and paint and maybe I can get quite a bit done this morning as I listen to the painters (there are 4 of them) talk football!! They reak (msp) of smoke so later I'll be fumigating my kitchen!!!


The Cherry Tree 123 said...

I have to have the dog design!! Hudson loves dogs especially our Lab!

Anonymous said...

I saw one standing outside of your garage smoking on my way to school. YUCK!! LOVE the new design. I will have to get one of those for each boy AFTER Thanksgiving! I too have a pair of navy check pants for each b/c Jola messed up and did navy instead of green. Whit has nothing to wear with his, so...