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Monday, November 30, 2009

Counting down to Christmas!

Just sippin on a venti frap. I guess Starbucks missed me this past week b/c I ordered a grande! Gotta love when that happens (it's the small things that make me happy)! I cannot believe tomorrow is DECEMBER, and we'll soon be unmounting our deer in the front yard, AGAIN! It seems like just yesterday... Every year we say we are going to rig up an alarm or something for "whoever" mounts them on top of each other (we have our suspicions!!) I still have scarecrows on the front porch so we've got work to do! Hopefully we'll drag it all down from the attic in the next day or two.
We got back around 5:00 last night from a Tues-Sun vacation in Perdido, FL. Thanksgiving at the beach has been our tradition since Browder was just a tot! It is SO beautiful and relaxing down there. I love it! 6am shopping Friday at the outlets and lots of yummy food! Glad to be home, but it was a great trip! We played lots of Go Fish and Bingo and here is a pic of me & B at The Track in Gulf Shores. All 14 of us went Saturday for a fun day of gocart racing. I mostly took pictures, but did take a spin just before we left! Oh, I also bought and read Twilight while down at the beach - I'm DYING to rent the movie and watch it, then get New Moon and read and watch it. Browder asked me "what are you doing?" as I sat down to start reading. I don't think he's ever seen me sit down to read a book! Part of me kept saying "this is so dumb!! VAMPIRES?", but the other part of me COULD NOT put the book down! I read it in less than 3 days!

I think I've decided to return to work tomorrow. I have to get my picture order finalized today from my photo session a few weeks ago, as well as work on my Christmas card. I may do a couple of samples for Applique Cafe and return to work tomorrow afternoon! I'm so anxious to get back (really!). I don't want to be so swamped that I can't think straight, but enjoy a steady work load and am looking forward to doin' some sewin'! I went to Hancocks today and got some brown chenille, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. They also had hot pink (among other colors) which I may go back and get!

On a sad note, tonight and tomorrow morning we will be celebrating the life of a very special little friend! Before leaving the beach yesterday we got word that our friends' 3 1/2 yr old daughter had passed away Saturday night! Here is part of her sweet obituary "The Lord gave Riley an extremely heavy burden to bear and she touched so many lives and taught us so much with her weathering of the storm. For a young girl who could not speak or show emotion, she caused tongues to wag and waves of feeling. She is now walking, dancing and smiling for the first time and for that we are glad but are extremely sad for us who are left behind." She was a very special little girl and while she will be missed, what a blessing she was to everyone who knew her! We MUST rejoice in knowing she is with Jesus doing all the things she couldn't do here on earth! Please pray for her sweet family!!

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