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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pink Rudolph

I stole this picture from my friend Melia's blog ( down below). LOVE the Rudolph with a pink bow and a pink nose!!
For a few weeks I've been "preparing" to have family photos made down in Dothan by a friend of mine from college! We were going to do it last week, then it rained, so we postponed til today! I spent last night finalizing outfits, ironing and trying on outfits myself trying to decide what we would all wear. I wanted to go the brown route and overanalyzed my decisions TO DEATH! This morning I spent most of the morning doing laundry, fed the kids at 10:40 - had to time the morning perfectly so that we could basically all take baths and jump in the car by 12:30! We got there at 2:00 and finished at about 4:40, then headed to Conestoga Steakhouse to meet my parents and brother for dinner (y-u-m). Before we left M'gomery today I told Jeff, "WOW, this is quite the production!!" Now I know why we haven't done "family photos" since Browder was 2!!!! It is A LOT of work, but will be worth every minute of stress I'm sure! I'll be sure to post any sneak peaks I get!

If you are in the Dothan area,!!! Jennifer & I used to wait tables together at Brittany's in Troy, which is now a chinese restaurant!!

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