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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Saturday!!

What a pretty day! I spent most of the morning outside with the kids. You know...they play, I pull weeds as big as Mallory in the back yard. We strolled up to the park, played in the driveway and even had lunch outside (on the driveway). B went to a friend's house and I bathed the little ones and put them down for nap. Jeff is on a golf trip and back tomorrow, so I've gotten very little work done! I did quite a bit Thursday after my successful sew-a-thon Wednesday, and did a few things yesterday, including a cute zebra print bag that I monogrammed perfectly. Or so I thought.... I left it on the machine after it was done and took the kids out to dinner. When I got back I took it off, only to realize part of the bag had gotten monogrammed that wasn't supposed to be monogrammed! And, it was a BIG monogram, so I used a fill stitch and basically had to cut the bag to even get my hoop off! (FROWN) I looked on the internet, but there isn't a single tag on this bag other than "made in China" so I have no clue where to find a replacement! I called it's owner and told her the bad news this morning. She told me where she THOUGHT it came from and is supposed to call me back. I guess Monday I will try a few stores and hopefully find a replacement! This, my friends, is when monogramming gets so frustrating!! Hopefully I can find one, and hopefully it won't cost me $50!!
I just took inventory of my work and here is where I stand:

Items to do before 11/24 = 53
Items lined up for after Thanksgiving = 21
Items I have to do, but no instructions yet = 19
Items for my children that I hope to do, maybe, if they are lucky = 8+

1 comment:

Staci said...

Send a picture of the bag - maybe someone will know where to find one!