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Monday, November 16, 2009


I have re-read my post from earlier and WOW, I was a little fired up!! I apologize for my brutal honesty!! Thanks to those who have commented and e-mailed me with words of encouragement!! I really appreciate it! Embroidery has become part of my life and I feel like I spend so much time with it (-live and breathe it some days) - blogging, designing, monogramming, etc., not to mention the many many e-mails I get and answer each and every day! I shouldn't let the sour e-mail here & there get me down!! It is a very busy and stressful time of year so bear, or is it bare?, with me.
Today Rachel at asked if I would do a shirt to showcase her new ornament alphabet. Of course!! She had a vision of the shirt so I just fulfilled her vision and it turned out super cute! She sent me JOY and also Mallory's initials MRG to do, but I liked the JOY idea! I think she is working on a newsletter so this alphabet should be available later tonight or in the next day or two! I did it on a size 3T long sleeve Rabbit Skins shirt, with ric rac and bows added. If you are interested in this sample Christmas shirt e-mail me at Otherwise, Mallory will be wearin' this one to school come December 1st!

Today I took B to the Dr. His appt. was at 4:15 and I left the Drs office at 6:00. Winn Dixie for an Rx and got home at 6:30. He's still having wheezing issues along with a little respiratory infection, so antibiotics will hopefully knock it out! It has been a long long day! Oh, the kitchen DID get painted and I will try to post pics later this week! They started at 7am and walked out the door at 9:30. It looks great!!

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Jennifer Fields said...

I don't know how you have lasted this long without snapping! I appreciate everything you said and I hope it either makes you feel better or makes people stop being so rude...or BOTH!