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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Come on JoAnn!!!

I took these pics one day last week from my car on my phone! I am a lot excited about JoAnn coming to town! Of course today I went by and there were no letters? Not sure what's up with that, but I believe they are supposed to open Feb. 6? Today I spent my no-kid time looking for stabilizer since I can't seem to find my Sulky Cutaway Plus in stock at Hancocks!! That's what I get for bragging about how well I like it!!!!!! I went to Hancocks, Hobby Lobby and then ended up at the Sew & Vac store where I spent $23 on stabilizer (versus my $11 maximum on a roll of Sulky and usually less when I have a coupon or it is on sale). I got a Floriani Cutaway Medium Fusible, which I'm sure is great and it will eliminate the need for spray adhesive when preparing the shirt to hoop since you iron it on, then cut it away after you're done. But, it hurt my checkbook to pay full price for it! I'm seriously down with sales and 40/50% off coupons, so paying full price was hard! But, I even called the Sewing Machine store in West Point and they were out of it too! I have to take my PE750 in for service so I figured if they had it, I'd cruise on over. No such luck! I may have to have a talk with the JoAnn stabilizer-buyer to make sure they keep it in stock! I love the sweet ladies who work at Hancocks, but when I ask about stuff being out of stock, 90% of the time they aren't too helpful!

I've had one or two (or the same person) request a big carrot to go w/ the bunny. This carrot is from and of course I thought of this b/c I sampled it! I'm not sure what other way there is to do a carrot, so whoever wants a carrot, will this one work?? Sometimes people leave comments on my blog and it takes some serious investigative work to reply to that person, so I thought I'd just post it here! Someone also asked me about the pink Monag shirt and it is still available! I just had no way of responding other than posting on here!

And another sneak peek at another new AC design! They will hopefully be listed by the end of the week!
My embroidery friend Brandy said that she loves these double curved embroidery scissors found at! I haven't looked for them locally, but may try to find or order them and give them a try!! Looks pretty cool to me!

In other news, we have been approved to list our applique designs on! We've been on a waiting list and had to send 2 designs to be sampled. Evidently we passed! It's going to be a bit of a process to get everything together to send to them to list, and we may even start with our best sellers to see how it goes! We still want everyone to shop at, but SWAK might be a good avenue for those embroidery people who have never heard of AC! Can't hurt to have our designs on such a great site!! I know when I'm looking for a design for myself or for someone else, I usually start there b/c they have a little bit of EVERYTHING!


Emilee said...

You will find that Jo Ann regularly puts their stabilizer on a 50% off sale, but you better get there in a hurry because it goes fast. Also, if you haven't signed up for their emails you should. I get coupons in the mail and via email all of the time. That looks like a really big store.

Alison said...

That carrot will totally work! Thanks for the heads up on it!

Those embroidery scissors will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! I had used the brother scissors that come with the machine for years and actually took the plunge with the others from a recommendation from the lady at the Bornean store. Those ladies KNOW what they are taking about. I haven't used anything else since! They are sooo awesome, and no more cutting stuff you don't want to cut! GET SOME!

Glenda said...

Rosemary, love your designs...I posted a pic of the Easter egg you are working on, on my blog. I intend to purchase it as soon as it's available to go along with some of the other things I've purchased from you. I keep checking back to see if it is ready.
Glenda in Mississippi

Anonymous said...

I have those embroidery scissors and LOVE them. They are wonderful. Thank you for the last post with helpful hints for your appliques. I usually use the sulky iron-on the back of the shirt but have never ironed anything on the fabric for applique. I will definitely have to try that. Also, I know that you have a brother, but the ladies at Sew Bernina (just down from hancocks & Hobby Lobby) are super nice. Mom & I both have Bernina's so we shop there regularly. Most of the time, they have a handful of options for stabilizer in stock. I guess I depends on which kind you like/love. I'm new to the craft, so I'm trying out different kinds myself. Yes, I noticed the sign gone from JoAnn's and got scared too. I am READY. Nice running into you!

Your friendly Target stalker. :)

Keely said...

totally agree with all the comments on the scissors...CANNOT live without mine!

Emilee said...

I use applique scissors made by Gingher and I love them. I couldn't live without them.