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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is why I *heart* Sew What Pro!!

I did this on a burp cloth today and it just reinforces my love for Sew What Pro ( One day they will start paying me a commission!! So... I did the 5x7 Petal Patch from Applique Cafe with zig zag trim and the "D" from EB's Swirly Alphabet (4" letter reduced in size to about 75%), also with zig zag trim. The "L" is the Monogram Wizard Plus Sydney font, and the "C" is the MWP Exact Script font (the Sydney "C" was too curly and didn't look right). I was pleased with how it turned out!

OK... FIVE new designs are FINISHED (finally) and Jeff is uploading them now to be converted to ART! Depending on how long it takes to get them back, hopefully the NEW designs will be added in the next couple of days! There is one design in particular that I did 4 times before we got it right! We really do our best not to put just anything out there to sell. Poor Jeff had to keep changing it b/c I couldn't figure out how it was supposed to look! I think we finally got it.

All of my kiddies start back to school tomorrow (YEAH) so I plan to come home and work. I only have 2 shirts and 2 other things to do this week so far. I still have a few shirts for G in my basket and that is IT! I'm enjoying the leisurely pace because I know in a month or two I'll be swamped again! I'm almost finished reading Breaking Dawn and watched The Bachelor on my Tivo today. Quality free time!! If you watch The Bachelor, you must keep up with during the season. It is a HILARIOUS blog which recaps the show each week! Lincee should have oodles of material to work with this season!


Belinda said...

Love the burp cloth! So creative. Can you adjust the fonts for names in the Sew What Pro. For example curve them around a circle.

Donna said...

What is Sew What Pro? Is it a program to do all your designs? I have a Brother PE-770 Embroidery machine and I have no clue what program to get but know that I REALLY need one.

Kimberly said...

Donna, I'm in the same position - same machine and don't know what to get! SewWhatPro or Embird or go all out and get Monogram Wizard Plus?
I want to be able to applique an initial and add a font name on top - will SWP do this easily??? Please advise, Rosemary!