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Saturday, January 23, 2010


I've gotten countless e-mails about scissors! I think these are my next purchase - Gingher Scissors. I rode by JoAnn (I want to call it JoannS) Friday and it still says it is opening on February 5 (not the 6th). I guess they were just "trying out" the sign/letters the other day, and will put them back up closer to opening? Maybe people think it's open if the letters are up, so they wait? I have no idea and who really cares!! As long as they open! Anyway I've been doing burp cloths so I think these would come in handy so I won't "snag" the weave!!

Here is a name I did with an E-bay skinny font (E-bay font #028). I get a lot of e-mails asking where this font came from. I will say that the satin stitching around it is rather thin, but it's great for short names if you only have a 5x7 hoop like me! I merge the letters together with Sew What Pro, then I join the thread colors so that it stitches out in 3 steps instead of 12 (marking "hank", tackdown "hank, then satin "hank"). SOMEONE TOLD ME THAT THIS FONT CAN ALSO BE FOUND AT (the E-bay sellers website). I bought it off e-bay probably 2 1/2 years ago, so that's why I referenced e-bay!! The website might be easier!

And here is the AC owl I did last night on the cutest little shirt - the brand is Beehave and it came from PBJ here in Montgomery! I actually went by PBJ Friday and bought 1 boy check fabric and saw the shirts, then a customer brought it to me to put the owl on! It is almost cuter than the Monag frill tee. Jola (Hi!!) showed me her cutting room with all of her scrap fabrics. She said that when she gets a chance, they are going to cut and bundle the bigger scraps and sell them in coordinating groups for us applique people! ALL of her fabrics are precious, so I can't wait to see what she comes up with! Applique people are addicted to fabric by nature, so even bundles of scraps sounds exciting to me! Which reminds me, Beths in Wetumpka is also selling small bundles or squares as well - I forgot that I got an e-mail about that a couple of weeks ago and I just haven't had time to make it up there! OK so my cropping cut off the cute ruffles on the sleeves and waist, but you get the idea! The shirt was a very thick soft cotton too with 2 snaps on the shoulder.

I've been working on burp cloths the past 2 days! I have 1 more to go, so I'll post a pic of all of them when I'm done! I JUST ordered burp cloths and am almost out already!! I've done A LOT of baby gifts lately! I guess it's baby shower time? Today we did absolutely NOTHING! I sat on the couch with the kids most of the morning and we even watched Girls Just Want to Have Fun!!! SJP was so cute!!! Great 80's flick!! Which reminds me, I THINK my TIVO is recording Twilight tonight on Showtime!!! Anyway, after we sat on the couch all morning, we also all took naps this afternoon and at like 7:30 finally loaded up the fam to go eat at Zaxby's just to get out of the house!! Luckily no one saw us b/c  Browder had on a Halloween t-shirt and G had on brown boots, navy sweatpants and a yellow Wiggles t-shirt!! We were STYLIN'!!


Keely said...

I'm commenting AGAIN, ha!

I have that same font, and that ebay store also has a website--
I know sometimes it's more complicated to get email delivery through ebay (having to buy off classified ads, etc.)!
And they have the same deal on the website (buy 2 get 1 free)!

Anonymous said...

where do you order you burp clothes from? The ones at WalMart are not sewn straight.

susanv said...

You will LOVE these scissors ... they make trimming fabric around a stay-stitch a breeze. You will wonder how you ever lived without them.

Love the font too. Thanks for sharing where to find the super-cute font.

Anonymous said...

Where is PBJ?

Anonymous said...

FYI....if you are making a trek to B'ham (Hoover)or anywhere that already has a JoAnn Fabrics, Gingher scissors, which are FABULOUS, are 40%!!!! I bought 2 pair on Saturday :) Thought you'd like to know. Not sure how long that promotion lasts or lasted but might want to check it out! Love your blog!