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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy, candy and more candy

Halloween is ov-a!! Here are a few pics of the kidlings.
Doggie G riding his scooter before school Friday.

G "hoding" Mallory

The boys trick or treating last night! They got lots of loot!

Doggie G in the car! (love the eyeliner black nose)

B was Spiderman on Wednesday night for Wynlakes, but changed to a blue power ranger for last night's trick or treating. This year we didn't buy any costumes. Spiderman was last year and the PR was a hand me down. The Pottery Barn puppy was borrowed also! Mallory had a borrowed butterfly costume, but I didn't dress her up. I don't think she could have moved w/ the big wings!!

What do we do w/ all the candy?

I got a call yest. about my machine. I had to take a hoop up there this morning in order for them to test stitch and make sure everything was put back together correctly, I assume!? Let's hope! I will HOPEFULLY (say a prayer) pick it up Monday morning after I take Browder to school. So much for 3-5 days, or Tues or Wed of last week (which is what I was told). Sorry to everyone who's stuff I'm still holding!! I'll now crank out the Thanksgiving shirts asap! I've really enjoyed this week off, but at the same time the work is still piled up so I'll be busy trying to catch up with old stuff as well as do new stuff!

I've been browsing designs this week in all my spare time. I found a cute indian I might get as another alternative for T'giving! Haven't seen any "easy" pilgrims. Can't beat the turkey either!

I dropped by Holiday Open House today at Southern Homes & Gardens. They always decorate the store so beautifully!! They took Mallory's pic w/ santa too and are supposed to e-mail it to me. They have so much cute stuff so I'll have to go back when it's time for Christmas shopping!

I'm counting down the hours to go vote (and for all of the bad TV ads to go away). I'm so sick of the signs, phone calls, flyers in the mail, etc. We shall see how it all turns out!

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