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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy as a bee!

Here is a pic of everything I've done yesterday and today! A LOT! I ran out of Floriana Dreamweave and ordered more yesterday (, so most of this is waiting for it to come in so I can iron it on the underside. It's on the UPS truck due tomorrow afternoon. I've put Dreamweave on some of Mallory's things and have noticed it stays well on some things, but on others it seems to be peeling off in the wash!? I'll read the directions again tomorrow and make sure I'm applying it correctly! For what I'm paying for it I need for it to WORK! HA. It may be my iron is not as hot as an industrial type iron (which Carter's probably uses on their clothes). I have tried everything under the moon and Dreamweave seems to be the best!
Still count 15 items that have to be done, half of which I will do tomorrow. Going to bed at a decent hour tonight (like, now) instead of 11:30/12:00. OH... I put in an order today for some Stephen Joseph backpacks. I'm getting them at a good price and ordered 4 for customers, 1 for Mallory and 4 extras I will have available for sale when they come in (probably the end of July). The extras I bought are: girl~tutu & frog, boy~construction & train. I was told these were the top selling designs. I got the turtle for Mallory and it is very cute!! If you're interested in one of these, e-mail me. I can send a picture or I'm sure you can find these online if you want to see them. Including a monogram I'll be selling at a great price compared to retail stores where a monogram is not included!

1 comment:

Tina said...

Love the bird on a branch and funky flower! Where can we find these??