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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bad news, good news

Well, my machine has died! Not really - the tension is just way out of whack. Good news - I've already ordered a new machine and should have it tomorrow! Jeff & I decided to get another Brother like I have for the time being. However, I ended up getting the PE-750D which has a USB port that will connect my machine to my computer. It's also a Disney machine, which I know nothing about. I may not even use any of the Disney features (designs, etc.), but was told for resale, it's a better buy. Same price as the PE-700 but w/ the Disney capability - and some people LOVE Disney! My new machine will go out on the UPS truck today in Muscle Shoals, and we think that instead of waiting for the truck to come tomorrow afternoon, I can call w/ tracking info and have UPS keep it at the UPS station here in Montgomery and I can go pick it up in the morning (instead of it riding around on the truck all day tomorrow). I literally have baby gifts that HAVE to be done by Sat., so we're talking panic mode around here last night and this morning! I was prepared to drive to Opelika or Andalusia, but neither sewing center had what I wanted! I also have a call in to see if Bill can take a look at my machine (today, if possible). I do want 2 working machines!!

As far as the BMP6, we have decided to wait until after the new year, see how business is, maybe save up a little cash and go from there. I would be sick if I paid several thou for a new machine and then my phone stopped ringing after Christmas!! I think we will eventually get it, but decided it was best not to get such an expensive machine RIGHT NOW just weeks before Christmas! Plus I don't have time to learn a new machine for all of these Christmas orders I currently have!

Soooo... if all goes as planned I will have the new machine tomorrow and will be working around the clock tomorrow and over the weekend to get all of my orders OUT! I'm sorry for the delay and for any inconvenience to anyone!!

***P.S. I also got 2 new Monogram Wizard Plus alpha paks which I've added to my fonts list! One is equivalent to the FISHTAIL font and comes with some beautiful frame motifs. The other pak is 2 or 3 new very cute fonts! Check them out!!

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