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Saturday, December 20, 2008

No, really.

I think I got 6 calls yesterday for monogramming. Of course I have this problem where I can't say no, so here I am on a Sat. afternoon monogramming. I should be wrapping presents, cooking something, packing for Enterprise, folding the clothes that have been in the dryer all week (they've gone thru the fluff cycle 8 times and I have yet to get them out). I did take the suburban through the car wash earlier and gave it a good vacuum and washed the mats. I don't recommend doing this with tights on. I'm pretty sure I flashed my fanny to a few fellow car washers. That vacuum hose is not long enough for a suburban, so I was leaning and climbing and doing all kinds of things trying to vac the carseats. Plus my hose end had been run over so it was smooshed closed. Anyway my car is clean!

We have Christmas bunko tonight and I'm so excited! I can't remember if I posted about a party we went to last week and got home at 10:40 and the boys were still awake? If I did I stuck my foot in my mouth b/c Jeff & I babysat our niece & nephew last night and when they got here at 11:00 their kids were still awake!! So from now on babysitters get free reign over bedtime b/c it ain't easy when it's not your kids!! Especially anyone trying to put G to bed. You are likely to find him an hour later in the playroom building train tracks. He's a quiet little thing!

I'm getting pretty creative with monograms and appliques (see WPL to the right). I'm doing one now with a big applique T in the middle and the 2 side letters in just thread. I love my Sew What Pro!! Merging is awesome! If you embroider and don't have it, get it at!! $65!!

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