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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is it Christmas yet?

Yesterday... Machine #1 got "fixed" and I picked up machine #2 from the UPS terminal. Machine #1 is basically working, just not snipping thread or threading the needle properly. But, it's fine and will go back to the Dr. after the new year for a more thorough exam. I think I've appliqued 13 shirts & monogrammed 6 towels today. I have one more Santa I need to do, but am about to fall over. I'm not really sure how my brain cells are allowing me to blog. It's been great having the 2 machines (and maybe a little faster?). We "set up" my very crowded (dining room) table last night and today I had both going at the same time. T-shirts I have to watch more carefully and of course, snip fabric and change thread. Towels I can pretty much 'set it and forget it' so I had them going on machine #2. I still have stacks of shirts & bags & stuff to do and will work all afternoon tomorrow after church and lunch (while the kiddies are napping).

I did get the outside of the house decorated Thurs. night since I was machine-less. I got the wreathes on all of the windows/doors, deer in the yard (which were mounted last night surprise surprise). No tree yet but Jeff did put Browder's little tree up in the playroom. Hopefully we can work on the inside tomorrow afternoon too in between monograms. I'll be sure to post some pics of our Martha Stewart-like decorations!! ha

I'm sure there were some things I was supposed to report, but I cannot think of them. Oh, I did sample a very cute present for EB last night - perfect for Christmas or Birthday shirts. I actually went ahead and did one to match the striped Target pants and it turned out really cute! Keep checking her site for the present and all of the other new designs she will be listing soon!

I never did shower today. I took one last night so I guess I'm clean enough. Laura, if you read this, you are not allowed to pick up your stuff unless I'm showered and dressed with makeup on!! :)

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