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Friday, December 19, 2008

Boys Boys Boys

Jeff loves this - Browder with a bow in his hair! He does have some pretty hair. G looks good in a bow too.

Are my children the only ones who wind up in the strangest places around the house? First their card table setup and then I find G laying down on my middle monogramming shelf (which is bear - YEAH!!!).

And here is my little shephard quoting Luke 2:7 at his Christmas program this morning! I got a tear a time or two seeing all of the little children sing about Jesus!! They were all precious! God Bless Kristen for putting all of that together!! Afterwards we had lunch at Pizza Perfect and now all of the kids are asleep (I hope). Little Mal wound up with fever by lunchtime so I'm taking her to the Dr. at 3:30. I'm sure it'll be packed with sick kids looking for the quick remedy before Christmas!!

I'm sewing until 3:15 so hopefully I can get finished before we head out of town Sunday. Enjoying a peppermint twist mocha frap too!

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