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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Today Browder skipped school so we could go to a Happy Birthday Jesus party at our church! It was so much fun and the people who put it together did a spendid job!! When was the last time you used the word splendid? Anyway, it was perfect!! I have been so busy I haven't even thought about a Christmas card until last night, so today I'm literally heading to Chappy's for lunch after the party, glance in the back seat and say to myself, 'they are all dressed decent - it may be now or never', so we swing through the Shakespeare Festival/Museum, hop out and take a pic!! Shoes off, climb on the "rock wall?" and click click!
This is the winner! Try getting 3 kids to look and halfway smile!

Here is sweet Mallory waving (right before she plopped down in the dirt). They all don't necessarily match, but this is as good as it gets!

Here is B making his ornament at the party!

Totally unrelated, here is a shirt I did yesterday with 3 ornaments and it turned out CUTE!!

And last but not least, "Red Hawk", our elf, got really crazy last night and was hanging over my sewing table with thread (or as B calls it fread) everywhere!!

We did put up our tree tonight and decorated the inside of the house. We have that famous tree where the bottom is covered in ornaments because G was hangin away on every branch he could find. Can't wait for Mallory to see it in the morning.

So today was a fun day with the kids! Except for me dragging G out of a kids shoe store after lunch with a load of poop in his diaper. He tried on some alligator rain boots and then refused to leave the store. I went in to look at shoes for Browder and oh my, I don't spend 50 bucks on my own shoes, much less a 5 year old!! I finally got everyone in the car and listened to G screaming, Browder singing Christmas carols and Mallory just yelling out noises all the way to the post office in Pike Road. I had the radio going as well, so it was a lovely drive!! After that I had to get a SB and got the Holiday Peppermint Twist Mocha Frap. It was pretty good! I couldn't drink one every day (like I could a plain mocha frap) but it was tasty. I'm thinking a good stomach virus after drinking a Starbucks is my only hope for breaking my bad habit. You know how when you get sick after eating/drinking something you can't ever eat/drink that thing again? I think that's what it's going to take!

It's 10:23, still working, and still hear one of the boys up? Neither napped today and were both up before 7 this morning..... Garrison just came out and told me good morning.....

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The Cherry Tree 123 said...

Those new ornaments are adorable!!!