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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Behold the patch!!

Here is a sneak peak of the new present! I also did it in non-Christmas colors to match the striped Target pants (which I may have already said in a prior post). It's 10:45 and I'm eating Spongebob candy leftover from Halloween. Which reminds me of our trip to Costco after church (to eat lunch). I bought one of their mocha freezes for $1.60 thinking I may have found a cheap replacement for my SB. Unfortunately I took one sip and it went straight into the trash. Not good! Jeff watched me as I paid, got the drink, took one sip, and never skipped a beat as I dropped it straight into the trash. Oh well!
To the left is an outfit I just "patched" up for Mallory! This is a brand new Orient Expressed outfit my wonderful friend bought for her daughter. She had it monogrammed and everything, but somehow ordered the wrong size! :( I was able to patch it with a specially designed rectangle vintage edge patch, slapped Mallory's name on there and guess what... SAVED! There are 2 lessons here: a) always double check sizes when you place those orders!! and b) on most outfits, the patch can cover a stain or someone else's monogram in a heartbeat. I used a rectangle here because it was a name. So don't be afraid of monogrammed outfits you see for really cheap at the consignment sale or online!! You can also try to pick out the monogram and some are easy to do, but there are certain fonts which are tight and impossible and you'll probably end up picking a hole in the outfit! Trust me, I've done it! p.s. The font I used is a new one - Sunny! Very cute for all of you anti-curlz moms out there ~ a little different and funky!
Just a note on all of the appliques with the bows - I am no bow expert and have no idea how they might hold up in the wash, so I've safety-pinned them on everything and hope that is OK! You are welcome to stitch it on (or ask me to in advance) if you want it permanently attached! I do put Fray Check on the ends of the ribbon so they should be safe in the wash, but not sure how they might hold their shape? You might want to change out the bow and I figure the safety pin is the best way to do that! No complaints yet... just thought I'd make a note of that!

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