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Saturday, December 13, 2008

I found Santa!!

East Chase (or is it Eastchase? I get it and Costco/Cosco so confused - and I call myself a good speller) Anyway, we vote their Santa to be the BEST!! Today was our 3rd trip (Bass Pro twice). This time we went to Eastchase, strolled around a bit and convinced G to go sit in his lap. If you live in Mont. and haven't gone to see him, you must!! A) the girls there were SO NICE and patient, took like 7 pictures, acted silly for the kids, etc. B) He was the sweetest Santa ever!! I think he may be the real deal. As you can see, G didn't actually sit in his lap, but he wasn't screaming crying and actually gave Santa a high five. He was so sweet!! I've never seen Santa get up from his chair or try to warm up to G as much as he did. I want to go see him again!!
I had an adventurous day yesterday. School drop off, Starbucks w/ the girls, a wonderful Holiday Open House, then shopped a tad, ate lunch w/ Jeff at Moe's, got the kids picked up and sent home w/ Jeff. At about 1:20 I headed to Hobby Lobby, but never made it and instead spent the afternoon looking for something to wear to a Christmas party last night. I got home at 5:30!! You know how it goes - when you need something you can't find it! I finally found a holiday-ish top at Steinmart which was my last stop before Jeff sent the search party out to find me.
I've sampled a few new things for EB this evening - a cute Scottie dog, a sweet bunny and a tie (like the men wear) which I put on a little onesie and it is too cute!! I lack sampling a tiger face and a cross with a little lamb. Oh, and I also did a last minute "Santa Baby" embroidery design which I put on a shirt for me since I think Browder might be able to wear my Target Christmas tee from last year. Their shirts must be 200% cotton. Anyway Rachel should have lots of new designs listed soon so keep checking her site (
My mound of work is shrinking!! I have about 6 shirts to do tonight and tomorrow, then have a small pile to work on next week. I feel like I may get a few last minute gift calls next week, but hope to be DONE on Friday and will most likely take the week of Christmas off. We'll be going to Enterprise to do C'mas w/ my fam., the kids will be out of school and I will enjoy a nice break! I THINK I'm going to take my old machine to Andalusia while I'm in Enterprise and just leave it for a week or so. They have a sewing center which is Brother certified! I've also heard the store itself is awesome, so we'll see what all they have! It is sewing fine, but sounds like a freight train.

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Megan said...

Hi Rosemary!
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your blog. It's been the most cute and helpful emroidery site I've found. Thanks for sharing your tips and resources!
Megan K.