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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Southern Living At Home

Here is Mallory lurking around while I'm sewing! Santa need not bring her a thing b/c she'd much rather roam the house than play with a single toy! I know you're thinking - she's got a girl so she's sticking a bow in her hair every chance she gets!! Yes, and mostly b/c her bangs are about down to her mouth! Her hair is so fine it doesn't stay in too well, but it's fun!! I've been searching for a cute hairbow holder - Etsy has some cute ones for $22. I'm thinking I can come up with something cute for less than that!?

Here is my Southern Living at Home door bucket. I can't think of the proper name for it (market something maybe?), but I LOVE THIS THING!! I change it out every season and did this lovely arrangement yesterday. I've had it for several years on our front door, which takes all afternoon sun and it has held up wonderfully! My mom did come up today to help me with the kids, and brought hers so we could arrange it for her door! I have a friend who is a SLAH rep if you are interested, please e-mail me!

This is the extent of my Holiday decorations! The reindeer for the yard made it down to the garage and that's as far as they've gotten! I need to keep a tally this year of the number of times they get mounted in the middle of the night! Try explaining that to Browder. I opened the attic last night to get our wreathes down, but never made it up there.

STILL contemplating the machine! In this recession I'm just terrified of such a big purchase!! The recession doesn't seem to be affecting monogramming, but I just can't decide what to do! If I don't get a BMP6 I will most likely get another PE-700. If I decide to go that route I will send mine off to the Brother Hospital in Andalusia to get a physical and overhaul!! I want to have 2 working machines!

On another note, this past week at the beach we had the discussion of what we would do if we could do ANYTHING, for one day? Mine was a no brainer - I'd be a backup singer (one of those who also dances) for Beyonce. Jeff thought this was hilarious? We also used some laundry detergent that had a coupon in it, that EXPIRED in 1991!!!!!!!!!!!! We got a big laugh out of that! It worked.

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