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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and some of the twin gift...

Here are a few pics from the twin bucket I did a while back (and forgot to post!). This isn't everything, but a few of my favorites! Of course, the sheep burp cloths. You can't beat a good sheep design! It's one of those good applique investments!
And a couple of 'either/or' burp cloths. I can only imagine with twins you just want to grab whatever!! Color coordinated pair of course.
These are the super cute Apples & Oranges onesies from They have cute zig zag stitching on the neck and arms. I wish A & O would come out with MORE STUFF! It's all precious!
Again, Apples & Oranges rompers (these have a little leg, not just a onesie bottom). I have a pink one for Mallory that is collecting dust as we speak... These have white trim. Love the whale design too ( So those are a few pics from the big bucket. All pretty simple and cute ~ I think I did 10 burp cloths, 10 bibs, 4 onesies, hooded towels, paci clips and I can't remember what else.

And here are my 3 yesterday at "The Farm" after a little egg hunt. We had to put a moratorium on candy when we got home. I had to hide their baskets in the pantry as well so we could go through the eggs and get all the candy out and put the plastic eggs in another bag for next year.
I'm currently working on another baby gift for another baby Mallory! The hostesses ordered several things to be hung around the room at her baby shower this weekend! Cute idea!
Mallory is officially walking and very proud of herself! Yesterday she spent the day walking a little, then she would pivot around and go back the way she came from. It's hilarious! She & I went to Prattville today. We went to Target and met some friends for lunch! I think I hear her so signing off....

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